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I found while taking this supplement it definitely did help curb my appetite and gave me an extra boost. It also helps maintain my weight and cut back on needless snacking.

NATURAL PURE GARCINIA: Advanced weight loss formula including Pure Garcinia Cambogia. A natural appetite suppressant, carb blocker, & metabolism booster for safe weight loss.


Tone up and repairs your muscles. Low carb Protein Powder means you get lean Protein without the unwanted bulk.

High levels of protein and lower amounts of fat and carbohydrates. It’s naturally rich in amino acids, particularly the branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine which ensures your optimum muscle growth.

Comes in all flavours.


I’m in love with this pre-workout. It packs a great punch and gets me out and moving when I need it!

New gold standard pre workout sets a new standard for optimized energy and focus with caffeine from natural sources. Regular use can also help you train harder and longer with the endurance supporting qualities of beta alanine.

Booty Bands

🍑 3X DIFFERENT RESISTANCE LEVELS – The Vicente workout bands come in a pack of 3 with different levels of resistance. With different levels of intensity will provide you with more flexibility and more options for your exercise routine.

5 stars because not only are these super cute and gunna be easy to wash but these are for the beginners and the advanced. The light one isn’t too light but the heavy band will get them legs good!!!!! They def motivate me to workout with bands because I love them so much!

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